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With Flare accounting private beta release nearly ready to go, the Flare team is very excited—anticipating the fruits of the long and winding road to launch. Why another small business cloud accounting software offering? Glad you asked. We created Flare to fill a gap in the market. Many cloud accounting applications offer either too much or too little. Often, when these “one size fit all” applications do offer full-fledged accounting, the complexity of the software increases proportionately—sacrificing ease-of-use for a feature set that subscribers either don’t want or find too complicated to use. On the other hand, if the software is too simple, it may sacrifice a full feature set for ease-of-use.

We designed Flare with a full set of features that don’t compromise a user’s experience.

More than this, we thought accounting software for small businesses should provide insight into a business’s financial performance. If you are using accounting software, the data is there, it just needs to be presented in a way that allows you to see and understand key performance indicators and be able to take corrective action.

With this in mind, we created a dashboard that displays those performance metrics and is updated in real time.  The dashboard lets you quickly see account balances, aging payables and receivables, revenue, expenses and profit, liquidity and budget vs. actual. Flare’s simple, yet powerful budgeting feature allows business owners to plan for profit and easily monitor performance.  Once set, you can quickly compare budget to actual and will have a clear view into operational inefficiencies that you can improve to increase profit.

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Flare Accounting is Built to Help Your Business Succeed

So many small businesses fail because they don’t have an eye on finances, or, don’t have the financial know-how.  According to Statistics Brain Startup Business Failure Rate by Industry, 25% of businesses fail by the end of their first year in operation and 55% of businesses fail after 5 years. Depending on the source cited, it is thought that somewhere between 45% and 60% of failures are caused by a lack of financial knowledge. With this in mind, we set about creating a dashboard that puts key performance metrics front and center so you can easily monitor your business finances. You don’t need financial knowledge (though it can always help) because Flare crunches the numbers for you.

Take What You Need. Leave the Rest

We like to say “Flare is easy enough for small business owners yet powerful enough for accountants”. This is not to suggest that freelancers and SMBs need dumbed down accounting software, but that some may want to use all features, while others will use only core features. If you want a cloud accounting package with features an accountant or someone with bookkeeping knowledge would expect…great! Flare gives you that. If you want to manually enter transactions, send invoices and estimates but don’t care about budgeting…that’s fine. You can do that with Flare. If you only want to use Flare for invoicing and expense tracking…no problem. You don’t have to use all of Flare’s features, but we think you will because we’ve made it easy to take advantage of the benefits they offer.

Take Flare for a Test Drive

If you are interested in seeing how Flare accounting can help improve your business’s profitability sign up for our private beta release notification. We’ll let you know when you can take Flare for a spin. If you are interested in seeing Flare in action, check out this demo video.

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