Documents for Tax Time for Freelancers & Home-Based Business Owners

Documents for tax time

As a freelancer, you may think that the shoe box method of accounting works well for you, but if you consider all that could be hidden in the shoebox, or worse…missing from the shoebox, you’d agree that using a system to efficiently and easily organize financial transactions is the better way to go.

Having accurate financial records, including income, expenses, asset purchases, taxes charged, income owed by customers and bills you owe to vendors, is vital all year round, but especially at tax time. Read more

5 Tips to Reduce Small Business Tax Stress

Tips to reduce small business tax stress
Wouldn’t you love to reduce small business tax stress? Every year at tax time you get that familiar knot in your stomach: tax butterflies, and, for some, out-and-out dread. For small business owners and freelancers, tax time can be a trial.

Tax stress often occurs for a few reasons. First, the small business owner may not have properly organized their business’s finances; secondly, the business owner has to find financial statements, receipts and other paperwork required by the account; and, finally, the small business owner may not understand their tax obligations.

Here are a five tips that will help reduce small business tax time stress. Read more