Why Avoid Low Pricing as a Freelancer or Small Business?

Low pricing as a freelancer
Freelancers and small business owners, particularly those new to their world, are frequently concerned about pricing their products and services too high. It may be, that at first, lower pricing works to get your first contracts or sell your first widgets, but beware of the negative effects that a low pricing strategy can have on your business. Read more

How to Price Freelance Services

If you are new to freelancing, one of the most important questions you’ll have to answer is how much to pay yourself. There are no rules, but some common sense and a few resources will help you price freelance services. small business tip #026Know What You Want to Be Paid as a Freelancer

Knowing what you want to paid as a freelancer is a good place to start. Before doing any research or looking at competitor pricing, consider how much you want to be paid and as importantly, how much it will cost you to be a freelancer. Although you may be charging by the job, those estimates have to come from your bottom line – what you want to earn per hour, and what it costs you to earn that money (your expenses including operating expenses, taxes and healthcare). Read more