New Year’s Wishes Email Tips for Small Business

New Year's email tips for business from

Acknowledging the beginning of a New Year may seem a trifle, but sincere, heartfelt wishes to important business contacts are appreciated. The key is the “sincere” part. Here are some New Year’s email greetings tips to help small businesses and freelancers craft the perfect Happy New Year message. Read more

Happy Holidays and a Joyous 2016 from!

Happy Holidays and a Joyous 2016 from Flare!

Everyone at Flare wishes you a joyous, peaceful and prosperous 2016. May the year be good to us all!

The Flare Team

3 Easy 2016 New Year’s Resolutions for Small Business Success

New Year's resolutions for small business
The new year is a busy time for many small businesses because while most folks will be preparing to greet the new year, small businesses are getting ready for year-end madness, with tax time looming like a heavy fog bank on the horizon. While it’s easy to become overwhelmed with your lengthy tax time to-do list, small businesses operators, like people, should also pause and reflect on the past year and make a few promises for the year to come. Yes…small businesses and freelancers can benefit from a few New Year’s resolutions, too. Read more