New Year’s Wishes Email Tips for Small Business

New Year's email tips for business from

Acknowledging the beginning of a New Year may seem a trifle, but sincere, heartfelt wishes to important business contacts are appreciated. The key is the “sincere” part. Here are some New Year’s email greetings tips to help small businesses and freelancers craft the perfect Happy New Year message. Read more

Happy Holidays and a Joyous 2016 from!

Happy Holidays and a Joyous 2016 from Flare!

Everyone at Flare wishes you a joyous, peaceful and prosperous 2016. May the year be good to us all!

The Flare Team

Flares Inc. Releases Private Beta of Cloud Accounting Software

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE December 24, 2015.

Flares Inc. has just released its private beta of Flare – a cloud accounting software product. The Web-based application is a full-featured accounting solution created for small business owners, freelances and accountants. Flare also provides actionable financial metrics on its ever-present dashboard, giving its users an at-a-glance view of actionable performance metrics intended to help business owners take action to increase profit.

“The big difference between Flare and other accounting applications is that although it is full-featured accounting software, Flare is still easy to use and also helps solve a dilemma faced by many,” says Iftikhar Ahmed, Flares Inc. CEO and founder. “Freelancers and micro-business owners are forced to wear the CFO hat yet lack the financial management expertise. Often, for these folks, hiring a CFO or financial manager to keep a watchful eye on their business’s financial position is just not possible. We think that Flare helps small business owners overcome this challenge by giving them visibility into their business finances that they can then act on. If they can see a problem, they can fix it.”

Ahmed spent a decade as a financial manager for Fortune 100 tech companies after graduating with a CPA and MBA. He says his own experiences in finance and before that in his family’s small businesses opened his eyes. “It was clear that there was a gap. Certainly, cloud accounting products are needed, but one could argue – with so many small business failures – that an understanding of business finances is more important. Why not make a product that will provide both?”

About Flare

Flare is Web-based accounting software that offers small business owners and freelancers all of the bookkeeping features they need and actionable financial performance metrics that help increase profit. Though Flare is easy enough to use, it’s also a full-featured double-entry bookkeeping system with features accountants expect.




3 Easy 2016 New Year’s Resolutions for Small Business Success

New Year's resolutions for small business
The new year is a busy time for many small businesses because while most folks will be preparing to greet the new year, small businesses are getting ready for year-end madness, with tax time looming like a heavy fog bank on the horizon. While it’s easy to become overwhelmed with your lengthy tax time to-do list, small businesses operators, like people, should also pause and reflect on the past year and make a few promises for the year to come. Yes…small businesses and freelancers can benefit from a few New Year’s resolutions, too. Read more

How to get more accounting clients

How to Get More Accounting Clients
and Offer More High-Value Services

How to get more accounting clients

Accounting is a competitive profession and accountancy firms frequently ask the question “How can we get more accounting clients and provide higher value services?” Sometimes, the perception of others is an impediment to growth. For example, some small businesses and freelancers regard accounting as a necessary, but somewhat painful experience that they grin and bear once or twice a year—often only at tax time. While this trite but true statement may stick in the craw of accountants—a little understanding of why it exists goes a long way to poking a big hole in that perception. Read more

Flare's dashboard

Flare SaaS Accounting Attends SleeterCon

Flare SaaS accounting

With the Flare SaaS accounting private beta launch on the horizon, the entire team has been working hard to finish must-have items leading up to launch day. We hit the pause button November 16-19 and attended the SleeterCon Accounting Solutions conference. SleeterCon is the premiere annual accounting tech conference and trade show featuring tens of accounting solutions exhibitors, influencers in accounting technology, keynote speakers and educational workshops. Read more

Welcome to Flare Accounting!

With Flare accounting private beta release nearly ready to go, the Flare team is very excited—anticipating the fruits of the long and winding road to launch. Why another small business cloud accounting software offering? Glad you asked. We created Flare to fill a gap in the market. Many cloud accounting applications offer either too much or too little. Often, when these “one size fit all” applications do offer full-fledged accounting, the complexity of the software increases proportionately—sacrificing ease-of-use for a feature set that subscribers either don’t want or find too complicated to use. On the other hand, if the software is too simple, it may sacrifice a full feature set for ease-of-use.

We designed Flare with a full set of features that don’t compromise a user’s experience.

Read more