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Acknowledging the beginning of a New Year may seem a trifle, but sincere, heartfelt wishes to important business contacts are appreciated. The key is the “sincere” part. Here are some New Year’s email greetings tips to help small businesses and freelancers craft the perfect Happy New Year message. small business tip #004Make a List and Check it Twice

For holiday best wishes, including New Year’s greetings, create a list of businesses with whom you’ve done business over the past year or who are important to your operation. There’s no need to send a “Happy New Year” email to everyone in your contacts list. Remember to send New Year’s wishes to vendors and prospective clients. small business tip #005Be Careful About the E-card or Message You Send!

Holiday and New Year’s E-cards are acceptable, but try to avoid over-the-top humor or religious references. You never know how the card will be interpreted by the recipient. A simple, “Happy New Year!” and personalized best wishes are always safest in business and won’t inadvertently offend the recipient.

Get small business tips FREE! small business tip #006Make Holiday and New Year’s Wishes About the Recipient

While it may be tempting to highlight the great things that happened in your company over the year, doing so makes the New Year’s wishes about you instead of the recipient. Avoid selling, marketing, or even subtly plugging your offerings. A personal New Year’s greeting is not the place for marketing and doing so will definitely score your e-card high on the insincere meter. small business tip #007Personalize Holiday and New Year’s Greetings When Possible

If your holiday and New Year’s greeting email list is small enough, consider writing a personal message to each recipient. If the list is large, consider personalizing a message to VIPs on the list. small business tip #008Consider Including a Memorable Quote

If you are having difficulty finding the right words for your holiday or New Year’s greetings, let the words of someone notable speak for you. Visit quote websites such as Brainy Quote or GoodReads and find a quote that expresses the sentiments you wish to impart. Remember to cite the quote.

Your success and happiness lies in you. Resolve to keep happy, and your joy and you shall form an invincible host against difficulties. — Helen Keller

Wishing you all happiness and fulfillment in the coming year,

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