How to Get More Accounting Clients
and Offer More High-Value Services

How to get more accounting clients

Accounting is a competitive profession and accountancy firms frequently ask the question “How can we get more accounting clients and provide higher value services?” Sometimes, the perception of others is an impediment to growth. For example, some small businesses and freelancers regard accounting as a necessary, but somewhat painful experience that they grin and bear once or twice a year—often only at tax time. While this trite but true statement may stick in the craw of accountants—a little understanding of why it exists goes a long way to poking a big hole in that perception.

We at Flare know you are a highly-skilled financial advisor and do much more than balance books, tally revenue, expenses, tax write offs and sales tax remittances once per year, but, your once-per-year clients likely don’t see accounting this way.

Even if small business clients do understand that your role could be advisory, they may imagine monthly meetings, time-consuming trips to your office, or the added expense of getting the advice they need to improve their business finances.

Long-standing perceptions are difficult to change, but a little education goes a long way. What if we could help change how small businesses and freelancers perceive accounting services? What if some of those once-per-year clients could become monthly clients for whom you provide advisory services? The potential for increasing revenue is there. Successful businesses understand that it’s not the potential clients that keep a business afloat—including accounting businesses—it’s the clients you have. It’s the old “bird in the hand” axiom.

This is where Flare can help you easily provide advisory services, while minimizing the cost of this value-added service delivery…both for you and potential clients.

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If you convert some of your once-per-year clients into monthly clients, and, if you can make it convenient and easy for them to get your valuable feedback and advice, you’ll be ahead of your competitors.

Flare’s many convenient features were built with accountants in mind. They’ll save about 50% of time you currently spend processing and categorizing transactions. More importantly, Flare has the capabilities and tools you need to offer advisory services and support to new and existing clients.

Flare Features that Turn Once-Yearly Clients into Monthly Clients

Flare’s core accounting features combined with its financial metrics and collaboration, make it a platform for increasing the financial advisory services you offer. Here are the core features that can help accountants provide more services, and, more importantly turn existing once-per-year clients into monthly clients.

  • Manage multiple client businesses in one place.
    Flare allows you to set up multiple client businesses and access from one account login.
  • Collaboration
    If you prefer not to set up client businesses within your Flare account, clients can provide you access to their account. You’ll be able to see everything they see and with accounting privileges set by the client, you will have access to all aspects of their business accounting and finances, including: transactions, invoices, bills, bank accounts, transactions, reports, budgets and performance indicators.
  • Key financial performance indicators
    Flare’s detailed performance metrics allow you to alert clients when you see red flags. You can then make recommendations based on the insight Flare provides you.
  • Detailed financial reports
    Run detailed financial reports that can form the basis of recommendations.
  • Budgeting
    Easily set and monitor business budgets. Compare budgeted revenue and expenses with actual, export the budget as PDF, for Excel or as a CSV file.
  • Automated bank reconciliation with batch processing
    Quickly reconcile bank transactions. Flare’s bank reconciliation makes the process much easier and saves time. Batch process hundreds of transactions in seconds. Just log in and within a few clicks reconcile Flare’s book transactions to bank transaction.
  • Intelligent categorization
    Flare’s intelligent transaction categorization saves time and frees you up to provide higher-value consulting services.
  • Adjustments
    Need to correct an error or add end-of-year adjustments? Flare lets you make adjusting entries with ease.

Take Flare for a Spin or Ask Us for a Tour

Flare’s private beta release is just around the corner. If you’d like a tour of Flare now or if you are interested in becoming a private beta user, contact us. We’d love to show you what Flare can do for your accounting business.

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