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Freelancing Forums List
If you are a new freelancer or have been freelancing for a while, you’ll find yourself looking for answers about all aspects of running your freelance business. We’ve compiled a freelancing forums list with overviews of what you’ll find at each forum.

Find answers to questions about freelancing, including: marketing your business, creating estimates, bidding on projects, setting hourly rates, communicating with clients, skill building, invoicing, accounting, taxes, time management and more. small business tip #066Join a Freelancers Forum

When you’re freelancing, there’s no need to work in a bubble. Other freelancers who have been where you are can offer sage advice from their experiences and help you on your way to a successful freelancing career.

  1. Upwork (formerly oDesk) Community
    Upwork is a very active community of freelancers. While many UpWork Community users actively seek gigs on the Upwork platform, you can just use the forum. You don’t have to register to read forum posts but if you’d like to post to the forum, registration is required. You’ll find all kinds of questions, answers and helpful advice in the community. Forums include Community Discussions (Freelancing, Clients); Job Skills Discussions (IT and Programming, Admin Support, Design and Multimedia); and, country groups.
  2. Community
    Not only is a good resource if you are a freelancer looking for gigs or a business looking to hire a freelancer, it also has great information to help you succeed as a freelancer. While much of the information is geared toward web tech freelancers (programmers, designers etc.), you’ll also find informative articles about sales and marketing, business and accounting, and general articles on all things freelance.
  3. Talkfreelance
    Talkfreelance is primarily a freelance forum for web developers and web designers. It’s also a good resource for writers and editors. Non-techies can get helpful information about web marketing, contracts, billing, legal help, advertising, SEO, social media marketing and web hosting. In the marketplace, you can post ads for your services or search for services offered by community members. At the time of this writing, Talkfreelance has over 34,000 members and has over 107,000 threads.

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  4. WritersNet
    As the domain name implies, WritersNet is a forum for writers (and editors, agents and publishers). Most information on the forum is about the craft of writing, though you’ll also find information on publishing, self-publishing, writing query letters, and other resources. If you’re an unpublished writer, join the Unpublished Writers Forum and discuss the road to being published, ask questions and share experiences. If you have published, the Published Writers Forum offers support and advice for building and sustaining your writing career. The forum has 1884 members and over 59,000 discussion threads.
  5. WAHM (Work At Home Moms)
    WAHM has both free and paid memberships to the forum. Paid members can promote their business by adding signature links and a business profile. With the free membership you can post and respond in the forum. Browsing the forum is always free! The WAHM forums include information about work from home professions, sales companies, and “WAHM life” featuring topics such as business advice, help and support for moms wanting to start a work at home career.
  6. Home Business Forums
    The Home Business Forums is a community for people starting a home-based business. Find answers to questions related to starting and running a home-based business and marketing on and offline. Get support and feedback from other community members and share your experiences. The forum has over 23,000 members and over 7500 topics.

If our freelancing forums list isn’t enough, check out one of these small business forums.

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