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Flare SaaS accounting

With the Flare SaaS accounting private beta launch on the horizon, the entire team has been working hard to finish must-have items leading up to launch day. We hit the pause button November 16-19 and attended the SleeterCon Accounting Solutions conference. SleeterCon is the premiere annual accounting tech conference and trade show featuring tens of accounting solutions exhibitors, influencers in accounting technology, keynote speakers and educational workshops.

The conference was our first foray into the public sphere with Flare…our baby. I joke, but I can see why people refer to much beloved projects as “my baby” as we all did feel very much like proud parents showing off their newborn to strangers. Many oohed and ahhed as they eyed Flare for the first time. Though we hesitantly share the positive feedback we received (we don’t want to appear too self-serving) we did hear exclamations like “Amazing”, “Wow!”, “It’s so fast!”, “Elegant” when folks were viewing demos or trying out Flare.

Business owners were impressed with:

  • The 360 degree, at-a-glance view of business and financial performance metrics.
  • Ease of use.
  • Intuitive features that don’t require accounting experience thanks to a streamlined, intuitive workflow.

Accountants liked:

  • Easy and intuitive drilldown from the dashboard to transaction level.
  • Budgeting and planning features.
  • Ability to drill down, view or edit transactions with ease.

We also received some good constructive feedback about things we could improve. We listened and are currently reviewing those suggestions—hoping to implement some prior to public launch.

The generosity of strangers at conferences always buoys the spirits. Just by virtue of being in the same arena, people, including competitors, were willing to give a bit of their time and provide us useful feedback and encouragement. People chatted, cued up to watch live demos or took Flare for a spin around the block themselves.

It was great to rub shoulders with like-minded people, hear their stories and see the many products resulting from years of hard work. Some, like we at Flare, have worked in the trenches developing a SaaS accounting software vision and have experienced the crazy ride that is being a startup SaaS product. Those who’ve been there understand the terrain, and know, as we do, that it takes a special team of people to nurture a product and help it grow from infancy to maturity.

As a SaaS accounting solution, Flare is in its teen years, but within a few months, and after a lot of elbow grease, our fledgling online accounting software will be a young adult, ready to meet the world on its own terms.

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Where is Flare’s Mark on the Growth Chart?

Right now, except for minor improvements around the corner, the following features are ready for private beta launch:

In the near future, before public launch, we plan to have the following ready:

  • Bank feed.
  • Additional invoice customizations (some already exist).

In addition to our Flare to-dos, the Flare Help Centre is near completion though walk-through screenshots need to be updated to reflect recent changes within the application. Phew!

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