Shouldn’t You Be Disco Dancin’?

Disco animated gif

When you are freelancing or running a small business, sometimes time isn’t on your side. Day-to-day tasks consume your time and energy. As Dan-tastic above would tell you “There’s much more to life than work. Life’s a disco”. We think what Dan-tastic is saying is that all work and no play gets you down – while really, you should take time for some gettin’ down! – to  anything but the chore of managing business finances.

Flare Will Give You More Time for Disco…and Other Important Things

We built Flare accounting for small businesses –  to give you that time – and more easily manage income and expenses, create invoices, budgets, and reconcile bank transactions. Flare may not be as cool as Dan up there, but it’s about as cool as bookkeeping software can be. You can use Flare the way you want: for invoicing and expense tracking, financial performance and monitoring, or, you or your accountant or bookkeeper can dig in and “boogie down” to all of Flare’s awesome features. Give Flare a try!

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