Elements of a Good Invoice Template for Freelance Services


An invoice template for freelance services seems simple enough, right? List services or products, tally the line items, calculate taxes and calculate a total. Done! Not quite. Simple or not, if you are new to freelancing, you may be tempted to make-do with an invoice you’ve created using a word processor, or downloaded for free from the Interwebs. While that “making-do” will work when you first start out, an invoice (like any document or written communication you send to prospective clients) makes an impression. Read more

5 Invoicing Best Practices for Better Cash Flow

Invoicing best practices

Cash flow management – balancing what is coming into your bank with what is going out – is a challenge for freelancers and small business owners. You may have customers who have purchased services, and that’s great, but if those customers take their time to pay, you may find yourself dipping into cash reserves to meet expenses or operate.

There are 5 invoicing best practices you can follow to ensure that customers pay you faster, reducing receivables and getting more cold, hard cash into your bank account. Read more