Tracking Sales Tax for Your Small Businesses or Freelance Business

Sales tax report.

If you’re a freelancer or run a small business, you need a reliable method of tracking sales tax you charge to customers and pay to vendors (if taxes you pay are recoverable in your jurisdiction). Accuracy is important because you’ll have to remit taxes to tax authorities. Using spreadsheets is one way of tracking sales tax, but that can be a headache. As we’ve mentioned before in many posts, spreadsheets are inefficient and they are often not connected to a full-fledged small business accounting system. While you can use spreadsheets, because taxes are charged when you create invoices and pay bills, wouldn’t it be nice to not have to worry about transferring the taxes charged to a tax tracking spreadsheet? Doing so would save a lot of time. Read more

Time-Saving Small Business Accounting Software Features You Should Use

Accounting software features save time
We’d all like to spend more time doing what we love and less time with tasks that consume time. This is true of anyone and especially true for small business owners who have many demands competing for their limited time and attention. If you run a micro-business or are a freelancer, your time is valuable. Anything you can do to reclaim some of your time is a plus. When we created Flare Cloud Accounting, we wanted to streamline and automate tasks that typically take a lot of time. Today, we’ll focus on automated accounting software features that can really help free up your schedule. Read more

Flare Cloud Accounting Latest Release: Financial Dashboard Enhancements and History

Flare Cloud Acccounting dashboard

We’re always thinking of ways we can improve Flare for small business owners – adding features and functionality that will make Flare Cloud Accounting even more useful to your business. Yesterday, we released enhancements to Flare’s financial dashboard and added update history to many input forms. Following is an overview of the changes. Read more

10 Reasons Micro-Businesses and Self-Employed Pros Should Use Online Accounting Software

Online accounting software

More and more businesses and self-employed professionals are making the move to online accounting software. Why? Following are 10 reasons you should make the switch.

1) Everything is one place. Everything is connected

Before online accounting software, micro-businesses and self-employed professionals had few choices. Often, they used the “shoe-box method” of accounting: throwing invoices and receipts into a shoebox which they’d hand over to their accountant or bookkeeper once per year. The few that performed their own bookkeeping and financial management used several disconnected methods (desktop apps, spreadsheets, word processing templates) and frequently did not have at-a-glance insight into finances. Read more

Year-End Accounting Procedures in Flare. You and Your Accountant Will Love Them!

Year-end transaction summary report

In some accounting programs, year-end accounting procedures are complicated and time-consuming. Flare has simplified the year-end process by eliminating the need to close the current fiscal year and carrying forward balances into the following fiscal year.

The following year-end checklist will demonstrate how easy the year-end process is in Flare. Read more

Why Use an All-In-One Bookkeeping System?

Bookkeeping system's chart of accounts

Bookkeeping is often thought of as a chore and many freelancers and small business owners avoid the chore, or perhaps wince at the thought of doing it themselves. The problem with this is that without some kind of consistent financial record keeping method in place, you are missing the benefit of efficiency and visibility into business finances. Read on and find out why you should ditch inefficient or haphazard financial record keeping and adopt an all-in-one bookkeeping system. Read more

Welcome to Flare Accounting!

With Flare accounting private beta release nearly ready to go, the Flare team is very excited—anticipating the fruits of the long and winding road to launch. Why another small business cloud accounting software offering? Glad you asked. We created Flare to fill a gap in the market. Many cloud accounting applications offer either too much or too little. Often, when these “one size fit all” applications do offer full-fledged accounting, the complexity of the software increases proportionately—sacrificing ease-of-use for a feature set that subscribers either don’t want or find too complicated to use. On the other hand, if the software is too simple, it may sacrifice a full feature set for ease-of-use.

We designed Flare with a full set of features that don’t compromise a user’s experience.

Read more