When Micro-Businesses or Freelancers Should Hire an Accountant

When to hire an accountant

Micro-business owners and freelancers often do their own bookkeeping, but knowing when to hire an accountant can prevent financial problems and heartache in the future.

From managing their business finances to marketing, freelancers and small business owners like to roll up their sleeves and pitch in. Usually, they do so out of necessity, particularly when starting a business. They may not have the financial resources to hire an accountant or financial advisor. When starting out, or if their business is small or a one-person operation, the do-it-yourself route makes sense. The side-benefit of DIY is the experience and education gained. There are times, however, when hiring an accountant or financial advisor makes sense, too. Read more

What to Consider Before Hiring an Accountant
or Bookkeeper for Your Small Business

Hiring an accountant or bookkeeper
Before hiring an accountant or bookkeeper, there are several things you should consider, including the services you require, benefits or result you seek, and experience of the person or firm providing the services. Follow this guide and, with a little luck, you’ll find the right accountant for your small business. Read more

How to get more accounting clients

How to Get More Accounting Clients
and Offer More High-Value Services

How to get more accounting clients

Accounting is a competitive profession and accountancy firms frequently ask the question “How can we get more accounting clients and provide higher value services?” Sometimes, the perception of others is an impediment to growth. For example, some small businesses and freelancers regard accounting as a necessary, but somewhat painful experience that they grin and bear once or twice a year—often only at tax time. While this trite but true statement may stick in the craw of accountants—a little understanding of why it exists goes a long way to poking a big hole in that perception. Read more