Balancing a Cash Register the Easy Way!

If you run a small retail operation, you are all too familiar with the amount of work involved in balancing a cash register. For many retailers, this process is largely manual and sometimes full of duplicated effort. You must count cash sales, sales on credit, cash expenses and other cash outflows and manually balance each register at the end of a shift. Once that’s done, the information must be entered into a daily cash register summary and provided to an accountant or bookkeeper who then has to enter this information into your business’s accounting system. Phew! If you have several cash registers, the amount of time and effort performing daily cash register balancing can be significant. There is an easier way…Flare’s cash register report feature!

Flare Cash Register Reports

Flare Cloud Accounting cash register reports can save you over 50% of the time you currently spend balancing and reporting daily cash register balances. You, or your cashiers can log in any time, enter cash register inflows and outflows and balance a register in minutes. As you do, cash register transaction entries are recorded to the Flare accounting system. This increased efficiency not only saves you time, but also saves your accountant or bookkeeper time, and, as the saying goes “Time is money”.

Video: See Flare’s cash register feature in action


Flare Cloud Accounting for Retail

The cash register report is just one of many features that help ease the pain of retail accounting. With Flare, small business retailers can get a clear view of their business’s financial performance from Flare’s financial dashboard. Flare’s easy budgeting tool lets you set income, expense and profit targets and compare them to actuals in real time so you can make decisions that improve your business’s bottom line: profit! Flare is complete online accounting software made for small businesses that lets you do it yourself with no experience required. Your accountant will love it, too!

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