6 Outsourcing Sites for Freelancers. Fiverr and Alternatives

Outsourcing for Freelancers
If you freelance (or run a micro or small business) you may find that you can’t fulfill all requests for work because you are either 1) short on time, or 2) don’t have the inclination to do some of the work. If this sounds like you, consider some of the outsourcing sites for freelancers listed in this article.

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There are two sides to the outsourcing website coin: you can hire someone to perform work as a sub-contractor and you may find some work for yourself.

The main reason to hire sub-contractors from outsourcing websites are:

  1. Free up time.
  2. Pass on aspects of a job you’d rather not perform (without having to pass on the job entirely).
  3. Hire others to perform tasks at competitive prices.
  4. Build a pool of go-to sub-contractors that can help you take on more work.

Because many online workers registered with outsourcing sites are outside North America, labour costs are frequently more competitive than hiring home-grown workers.  If you choose wisely, picking workers who speak and write English though their mother tongue is not English, you can get the best of both worlds.

If you prefer hiring North American outsourced labor and still want competitive prices, you can get that. Remember that will many outsourcing sites, people bid or compete for your project. So competition is the nature of the game. There are also new outsourcing laborers who price competitively because they are trying to build a portfolio of work.

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1) Fiverr.com

Fiverr takes its name from the standard lowest price you pay for a gig – $5 USD.  While buying one $5 gig may be all you need, frequently you will need more and must purchase several gigs to get the work done. For example, let’s say you need a logo designed. A basic gig may be $5 for 2 logo concepts delivered in web resolution in 5 days. If you want 4 concepts, the seller may charge you for another gig. If you want the source files, it may cost you $50. If you want print-ready files, it may cost you another $10. If you want it in 2 days, it may cost you another $20 dollars and so on.

Registered sellers can be from anywhere in the world. Frequently, sellers are from the USA, India, Philippines and other countries where people have a grasp of English in addition to their native language.

When searching for a gig, you can’t filter by country, but you can filter by language.

Don’t have time to search for sellers? Post a request and let sellers reach out to you.

Outsourcing categories
Graphics and design, digital marketing, writing and translation, video and animation, music and audio, programming and tech, advertising, business, fun and lifestyle.

Why you’d use it
You’d like to outsource some work that is affordable for you and have the time to search through seller portfolios to find someone who can deliver the quality you want.

Free to register as a buyer. You pay the agreed upon gig price and processing fee.

2) Freelancer.com

Freelancer, as the name suggests, is a freelancer marketplace for both sellers and buyers. Buyers can search for freelancers to find one that may be suitable, or, can post a project or a contest. Registered freelancers are from many countries around the globe. Most users speak and write English, though it is sometimes their second language.

When you post a project, freelancers bid on the project. If you accept the bid, you put the bid amount in an account. When you are happy with delivery, you pay.

When you post a contest, you describe the work you need and all requirements then set a cash prize. Generally, the more you offer as a prize, the more Freelancer users who will enter the contest. You review submitted entries and pick a contest winner. If you post a “regular contest” and do not choose a winner, you can get your prize money back within 30-days of the contest close date. If you post a “guaranteed contest” you guarantee that you will pick a winner from the entries. Guaranteed contests tend to attract more entries.

Outsourcing categories
Data entry, logo design, graphic design, website design, translation, software development, HTML, PHP, internet marketing, WordPress, articles, SEO, CSS, Photoshop, Excel, App development

If you are considering posting a project and accepting bids from freelancers, search the Freelancer directory first. You can filter by category, country, hourly rate, and average rating.

Why you’d use it
Freelancer.com is a respected outsourcing platform with a wealth of talent in many fields. The flexibility of posting projects for a single freelancer to bid on, or contests, for many freelancers to compete for, is its strength. Prices are reasonable and there are built in guarantees to ensure you don’t waste your money.

It costs nothing to become a freelancer “employer” (Freelancer’s term for a buyer). If you award a project, you pay the freelancer the agreed upon bid price plus a processing fee, which is 3% or $3 USD (whichever is greater). If you post a contest, you must make the prize money available (in an account bank) which will be awarded once you’ve chosen a winner. If you are not happy with submitted entries, there is a 30-day money-back guarantee.  There is no fee for posting or awarding a contest.

3) 99designs.com

99designs.com works much like Freelancer.com. You can create a project and invite sellers to bid, or  search freelancers and buy their services at a fixed fee.

To post a contest, first you create a design brief, describing your requirements and providing examples of similar designs that you like (if relevant). Then, pick a contest category and package: bronze, silver, gold or platinum. Bronze packages are the cheapest and attract fewer contestants; Platinum contests are the most expensive, and attract the most contestants. Pricing for each package varies depending on the category chosen.

During the contest, you can provide feedback to contestants in the form of ratings and private messages so they can adjust their submission. After 7 days, you pick a winner. The designer is awarded the prize money and you receive the work and full copyright.

Outsourcing categories
Logo and identity, web and app design, business and advertising, clothing and merchandise, art and illustration, packaging and labelling, book and magazine, other.

Why you’d use it
You want access to thousands of freelancers and like the flexibility of being able to post projects, purchase fixed-fee services or hold a contest and choose a winner from amongst many entries.

All contest package prices include the prize awarded to the designer and any processing fees. All packages have a money-back guarantee and Silver and Platinum packages have a dedicated contest manager.

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4) Upwork.com

Upwork boasts 10 million registered freelance users. Clients (that’s you!) post projects, view portfolios, and read feedback, invite candidates and hire the one you feel is best suited to the task. When the job is delivered, you pay the freelancer the agreed upon price.

Outsourcing categories
Web developers, mobile developers, designers and creatives, writers, virtual assistants, customer service agents, sales and marketing experts, accountants and consultants, IT and networking, data science and analytics, engineering and architecture and more.

Why you’d use it
You want access to millions of registered freelancers and like the option of hiring hourly or at a fixed price.

Registration is free. You pay the freelancer the agreed upon price (either fixed or hourly) plus processing fees. For hourly projects, you pay the freelancer once per week. For fixed-price projects, you pay the freelancer at pre-set milestones. You only pay for work that you have approved. Safeguards like price protection and dispute resolution assistance reduce risks.

5) Guru.com

Hire from amongst 1.5 million gurus offering 3.5 million services. Hire freelancers by the job or by the hour. Search for freelancers in the Guru directory.

Outsourcing categories
Web, software and IT; art and multimedia; writing and translation; admin support; management and finance; sales and marketing; engineering and architecture; legal; and other services.

Search the Guru directory and filter by country, rating, hourly rate and/or budget.

Why you’d use it
You want access to millions of services and like that you can pay by the hour or project, and you like the many payment options available.

It costs nothing for clients to post a job. Payments to freelancers are made via electronic invoices (called SafePay) or by credit card, PayPal, echeck or wire transfer. There are three types of invoices: milestone invoices for fixed-price jobs, hourly invoices paid weekly to the freelancer, miscellaneous invoices for work outside the confines of the original agreement. The freelancer can send these at any time.

6) Designhill.com

Designhill bills itself as the world’s largest graphic design marketplace. Similar to Freelancer.com, DesignHill.com lets you post projects (if you want to work with one designer) or contests (if you want freelancers to compete for your contest award), or hire freelancers 1-to-1.

Contests: choose a contest, a prize amount and choose from the best of designs submitted by contestants.

Projects: search designers and invite those you like. Choose the most suitable designer. You can ask for a quote or disclose your budget.

Outsourcing categories
Outsourcing categories include design in its many forms for both print and web – from marketing collateral to T-shirts. Main categories include: brand and identity, business and advertising, clothing and apparel, illustration and art, product design, social media, website and app.

When searching for individual designers to hire 1-on-1, use filters such as “designer level”, “contests won” and “positive feedback”.  You may also filter by country.

Why you’d use it
You want access to graphic designers and like the fact that you can search the directory, invite designers or hold contests. You also think it’s pretty nifty that contest pricing is tiered, pre-set pricing and that you can incentive the contest with “paid invitations” where you pay a freelancer you like to participate.

It’s free to register at Design Hill. Contest pricing comes in four pre-set price packages: Basic, Fast Track, Normal, Executive, and Premium. Pricing for the tier you choose changes depending on the design category you choose. For per job pricing, you pay the agreed upon price.

Your Turn

If you know other outsourcing websites that you think deserve to be in this list and that would be useful to freelancers and small businesses, let me know! If you’ve used any of these resources, share your experience.

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