6 Freelance Blogs You Should Follow – Tip of the Advice-Berg

Freelancer Blogs - tip of the advice-berg
If you are a freelancer, you need great advice, tips and inspiration to help you be successful and sustain your freelancing career. There is no better place to get helpful information than freelance blogs or topics.

Why Read Freelance Blogs?

Because freelance blog articles are written by other freelancers who have been right where you are, you are getting advice based on relevant, real-world experiences. In essence, the advice you get is a shortcut to success. Theyve gone through the ups and downs and have learned by trial and error. Freelance blogs will save you the pain of learning things the hard way. You can avoid common traps and overcome the challenges faced by all freelancers. You save time, test your ideas and strategies, and find ways to improve your freelance business.

Apart from getting solid learning from the freelancing trenches, you’ll feel connected to a family of like-minded people who have the similar challenges. Learning from a community of freelancers is a great way to deepen your experience.

Flareapps.com small business tip #067Follow Recommended Freelance Blogs

Get advice and helpful tips from other freelancers by following freelancer blogs. Learning from other freelancers is a great way to improve your freelancing skills.

  1. QuickSprout blog
    While not strictly a blog about freelancing, Neil Patel’s QuickSprout blog offers free advice on all things related to marketing your freelance business online. From SEO to social media marketing, QuickSprout articles provide great value for free. The best thing about the blog is that it doesn’t just tell you how to get more traffic to your website or how to rank better in search engine results pages, it shows you. Neil Patel’s articles and how-to guides are well-written and easy to follow. Guides like The Beginners Guide to Online Marketing and The Definitive Guide to Growth Hacking are just two of many.
  2. Dr. Freelance blog
    The doctor, Jake Poinier, will see you now. Jake Poinier created Dr. Freelance as a resource for freelancers. With over a decade of freelancing experience, Mr. Poinier writes that he was “compelled to create content focused on the business of freelancing…drawing on lessons he’d learned”. On the blog, you’ll find informative articles about setting freelance rates, how to get clients to minimize revisions, estimates and more. The many helpful blog posts are sorted into three main categories: “Get New Clients”, “Make More Money Freelancing”, and “Manage Your Freelance Business”. You can also spend a few dollars on one of Jake Poinier’s books, including: The Smooth-Sailing Freelancer; and, The Science, Art and Voodoo of Freelance Pricing and Getting Paid.
  3. Leaving Work Behind blog
    Tom Ewer is a professional blogger from the UK. While your freelance business may have nothing to do with blogging (other than perhaps having a blog), Leaving Work Behind has information that is relevant to the life of any freelancer. Just a couple of examples of the great posts you’ll find are: How to Halve Your Time Spent on Emails and 5 Steps to Adopting a Successful Freelancer Mentality.

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  4. Lifehacker.com/tag/freelancing
    Lifehacker content has the added value of the conversation that often follows. Not only will you find excellent advice and how-tos from other freelancers, but you’ll also find comments, debate and often constructive feedback from readers. A quick browse of the freelancing tag and you’ll see posts like What You Should Know About Taxes When You’re a Freelancer and How to Determine Your Freelance Rate and Get Paid What You’re Worth.
  5. Entrepreneur.com/topic/freelancers
    As a freelancer or small business owner, you can certainly learn how to improve your business by browsing all of the articles at Entrepreneur.com, though as a freelancer you might be more interested in articles posted in the topic “freelancer”. Articles like 9 Lessons I Learned from Ditching My 9-to-5 to Work for Myself and How to Deal with 4 Types of Impossible Clients are just the tip of the advice-berg.
  6. Flareapps.com small business tips and freelancer tips
    Our small business tips and freelancer tips categories offer many useful articles for both freelancers and small business owners. This article is just one example.

Happy freelancing!

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