Flare is much more than bookkeeping software. Flare is small business financial software that empowers business owners, managers and non-finance professionals by automating and reducing the complexity of small business accounting, financial transactions capturing, and reporting. Flare’s automated processes, such as downloading bank transactions, are designed to save users more than 50% of the time typically spent on recording and summarizing financial transactions. Flare makes accounting and reporting fast, easy, time saving and inexpensive.

Flare uses vital accounting data to generate a decision analytics dashboard which provides 360° real-time visibility into business and financial performance so managers may proactively improve profitability and reduce business failure risks—anytime, anywhere!

Timely visibility into key performance indicators should help business owners identify and respond to declining revenue trends, wasteful expenditures, hidden costs, operational inefficiencies and financial risks before they become catastrophic.

Flare allows collaboration among owners, managers, employees, accountants and financial advisors so that the entire team can work toward the same objective while improving productivity and accountability. If you choose, your accountant can use Flare for bookkeeping while you leverage the power of Flare’s dashboard to manage and improve the profitability of your business. Flare is powerful enough for accountants, but easy enough for small business owners.

Flare Product and Features

Amongst Flare’s growing list of products and features, you’ll find:

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