Have questions about Flare Web-based accounting software? Find answers to most frequently asked questions below.

General Questions

What is Flare?

Flare is Web-based accounting software for small businesses, accountants and bookkeepers. Flare provides small business owners easy-to-use accounting features such as electronic invoicing, expense tracking, budgeting, reports, bank imports and real-time metrics that help increase profit. Flare provides accountants and bookkeepers all of the features they expect while increasing efficiency and adding client management and collaboration features. Accountants will spend less time bookkeeping, will have more time to provide ongoing financial consulting services and will be able to increase their client base.

Do I have to download any software?

No, there is no software download. Flare is web-based accounting software.

Is Flare available on mobile devices?

Flare was created in a responsive, mobile framework and is available on most any desktop, laptop and tablet. For smartphones, we are considering an iPhone and Android app that provides most-used features like invoice creation.

How does Flare do its analysis?

Flare analyzes your Income vs. Expense, Budget vs. Actual, A.R aging. These graphs are ever-present on Flare’s dashboard so you really understand your business’s profitability.

How does Flare help you improve your finances?

Flare makes important business financial information ever-present and visible from the dashboard so you can see how transactions affect your business’s financial health. In addition to these
important performance metrics, Flare’s budgeting and reporting features provide you a way to set financial goals and track progress.

Does Flare do bank reconciliation?

Yes, Flare does have a bank reconciliation feature that allows you to quickly match, add, or ignore transactions so you can keep accounts up to date. Our reconciliation tool also performs time-saving batch reconciliation.

Does Flare provide support?

Yes. You can get self-service support or submit a support request at the Flare Cloud Accounting Help Center.

How much do I have to pay a month?

Flare has a free trial so you can test drive its awesome features. After your free trial has ended, Flare has affordable monthly pricing.

How can I make a product feature suggestion?

You can register at our Help Center Community and post a Feature Request. Your suggestions and comments are important to us. The more feedback we get, the better Flare will become.

How can I reset my Flare password?

Follow the steps for changing your password in the account settings article. Learn how to reset a lost or forgotten password.

How can I change my email address?

The login email you entered when you created a Flare account cannot be changed.

How can I delete my Flare account?

Currently, you cannot delete a Flare account. If you’d like us to delete your account, please submit a support request.

Can I remove a business from Flare?

Currently, you cannot remove a business from your account. If you’d like to delete a business, please submit a support request.


What is the Flare dashboard? What is its purpose?

Flare’s ever-present financial dashboard provides you vital, at-a-glance business financial information and graphs (Income Vs. Expense, Budget vs. Actual, A.R aging ) that are updated in real time. Without ever leaving the dashboard, you have quick access to bookkeeping features, reports, accounts and settings.

Invoicing, Estimates and Expense Tracking

Can I create customized invoices/receipts using Flare?

Currently, Flare’s online invoicing allows modest customizations are available through the addition of custom fields and the logo you upload in company settings appears on invoice PDFs.

Can I create and send estimates?

Yes, Flare lets you create professional estimates that you can send to customers and convert to invoices.

Does Flare track my expenses?

Yes, you can track expenses by vendor by creating a bill and then record any bill payments you make. Flare also tracks each vendor’s expense history, tracks sales taxes on expenses and lets you compare budgeted expenses with actual.

Can I add customers and vendors in Flare?

Yes, you can add customers and vendors.

What is “receivables aging”?

An overview of customers’ historical and future payment owed to you. For more information, please see the Flare User Guide.

What is “payables aging”?

An overview of vendor’s historical and future payment that you owe, past due, or will pay. For more information, please see the Flare User Guide.

Can I create sales tax or other taxes?

Yes, you can create multiple tax rates and add them to tax groups.

Can I edit an invoice if I make a mistake?

Yes, you can. In Flare, there are several places you can access the invoice editing feature.

Bank and Financial Institutions

What if Flare doesn’t find my financial institute?

Please submit a support request and we’ll do our best to help you.

How can I use Flare if Flare doesn’t find my bank account?

You can upload bank statements as CSV or enter transactions manually.

Can I use Flare without using my bank account?

Yes, you can upload bank statement by using CSV or enter transactions manually.

Does Flare support international banks?

Yes, currently Flare supports popular banks in many locations worldwide. If Flare doesn’t find your bank, submit a support request and we’ll try to help you.

How many bank accounts can I add to Flare?

Flare allows you to add as many bank accounts as you require.

How can I delete a bank account that I’ve added?

Currently you can’t delete bank account.

How and when is my bank data refreshed in Flare?

We push/download your bank statement once per day. Flare connects and downloads transactions once daily when you log in.

Can Flare transfer money to different accounts in my bank?

No, Flare cannot transfer funds nor can Flare access funds in accounts. Flare only downloads your bank transaction statements.


What are the benefits of a budget?

You can plan for profits by creating a monthly budget for income or expense accounts. Then you can compare your budget to actual income and expenses.

Can I build and track separate budgets for my employees or business partners?

Currently, you cannot create budgets for individuals. We may consider this feature in a future Flare release.


What do you mean by collaboration?

With Flare, you can invite people to view/edit a Flare business account. The system grants permissions based on their role. Account collaborators may be your accountant, bookkeeper, employee, or business partner. Once they accept the invitation, they can access your Flare account from any modern Web browser. Read more about collaboration and role-based permissions.

Is there an additional fee when you add a collaborator?

An invited user must create their own Flare account (free trial or paid) using the email address that you entered when you added them as a user in your account. If the invitee is using a free trial, they will no longer have access to your account once the free trial expires.

Is it possible for someone to access funds in bank or credit accounts from Flare?

No, they can’t. We only download statements of bank activity. Flare cannot deposit or withdraw funds.

Setup and Migration

Will it take long to set up and start using Flare?

No, you can create an account and begin using Flare immediately. You can complete your setup at any time. Users who aren’t migrating from another accounting system can complete the 5-step company setup at any time. It doesn’t take long and you’ll have an optimal experience using Flare.

What if I want to migrate to Flare from another accounting system?

You can create a Flare account and use Flare immediately, but to have a seamless transfer of data and complete records, we recommend consulting your accountant and inviting them to use Flare to help you with a full migration. You can also visit the help guide and follow the migration checklist and steps. You don’t have to complete the steps to use Flare now, and migration can be done at any time.

Privacy and Security

How safe is Flare’s Web-based accounting?

Flare is very secure. Data is encrypted. Flare uses Digicert Extended-Validation Secure Socket Layers Certificates and adheres to rigorous security standards and practices. Read about Flare security.

Why do I have to enter my bank login information (username and password)?

You set your bank username and password (which is hidden and encrypted) to communicate with your bank for the sole purpose of downloading transaction data.

How can I protect my Flare account?

Create a strong password unique to Flare. Flare enforces password rules requiring at least 6 characters, including both upper case and lower case letters, at least one number and at least one non-numeric/non-letter character. Never share your login credentials. Refrain from keeping credentials stored on your computer and try not to leave your computer unattended while logged in. While Flare will log you out after 15 minutes of inactivity, it’s best to log out when you leave your computer.

Does Flare use bank-level security?

Yes, Flare uses the same security encryption standards as banks.

Can someone hack into my bank account through Flare?

No, they can’t. Flare is a one-way communication with your bank. Flare can only download transactions and bank statements. Flare can’t move your money around.

Do I have to disclose my personal information to sign up or use Flare?

To create a free account, we require your first name, last name and email address. When you purchase Flare, we require the name on your credit card and credit card number.

Will Flare sell my information to 3rd parties?

No, we never sell your information to anyone

How can I report phishing scam or suspicious email involving Flare?

Please notify us by email if you suspect a phishing scam involving Flare.

Community and Support

Do you have a community forum or support center?

Yes, we have created a community forum so Flare users can help one another. You can register for the Flare community, browse and respond to topics, or create your own topic. To create an account, visit our community and click “Sign In” and then click “Sign Up”. Support staff also monitor the forums and answer questions. You can also get help by reading Flare Help Center articles or submitting a support request.