What We Do

We strive to empower small business owners, solopreneurs and freelancers to grow business profit and manage financial risks. We do so by developing and marketing accounting and financial management solutions which:

  • Generate real-time visibility into business and financial performance.
  • Reduce time spent and complexity of accounting and financial reporting process.
  • Enable online collaboration between business owners, employees and financial advisors.
  • Leverage technology and data services within a smart and integrated financial transaction management platform.

Our Inspiration

We owned and operated several small businesses. We know firsthand the challenges of proactively managing business profit and financial risks. Many small business owners are not financial experts. They lack time and resources required to generate timely reports and analysis necessary for performance visibility and proactive management.  Professional accounting service providers, hired primarily for income tax reporting purposes, are not chartered, nor paid, for tracking and managing business performance. Forced to work with bad numbers or no numbers, small business owners often make decisions in the dark with potential for disastrous consequences. By the time owners discover performance or financial issues, it’s usually too late to do anything about it. There are many “one size fit all” accounting applications in the market. Made primarily for professional accountants, these transactional and compliance oriented applications are too complex and bloated with features. Most small businesses do not need, nor use, the majority of features and functionalities of these applications. Small business owners need an easy-to-use financial management software “made for them”. That’s why we created Flare.

Flare Empowers Entrepreneurs to Wear the CFO Hat

Developed by serial entrepreneurs who’ve walked many miles in the shoes of small business owners, Flare empowers entrepreneurs to proactively manage their business finance. Flare is easy-to-use accounting software that auto generates a comprehensive real-time business and financial performance dashboard. Flare offers simplified transaction processing workflow, contextual information and integrated data services that save 80% of transaction processing time. Flare’s collaboration feature allows business owners to invite employees and professional accountants to resolve complex accounting, financial and business performance issues before they become catastrophic. Flare is in the cloud, so it gives users the flexibility to work from anywhere, anytime.

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We are passionate about the success of small businesses. If you have any suggestions for improving Flare, we invite you to contact us. We appreciate your feedback.